A quick overview of Routing in React and how it works in class and functional components

Components are the building blocks in React based applications. When you develop a big application, the best practice is to decompose application into small components. But how does these components communicate with each other…

A brief overview of useReducer hook in React

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In this post, I would like to walk you through useReducer hook in React, which helps us to centralise all state modification in one place.

In my previous post, I explained state management with a simple example of counter, using class components…

An introduction to state management in functional and class components in React

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One of the main advantages of React is it’s huge ecosystem of libraries to choose from. Hence, for state management in complex applications, developers use React Hooks and libraries like Redux. But how do we manage state in…

How to create a simple project using React with TypeScript

In this article I’d like to explain briefly the pros of using React with TypeScript and how to create a simple project with the same.

Before starting with React, ensure that the prerequisites, Node.js and npm, are installed.

Why React with TypeScript?

React is…

An introduction on how to install and execute Cypress


Cypress is a JavaScript based test automation tool which can do end-to-end testing on anything that runs in a browser. It can be used for API testing and component testing as well.

In this article, let’s explore how to install, configure…

A brief introduction to Cypress

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Are you a developer or QA engineer who is familiar with JavaScript? Then, without any doubts, you can choose Cypress as a tool for UI automation testing .It is a JavaScript based testing framework. It helps to perform fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs on a browser.

What is Cypress

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